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    Wow do I miss her
    Mothers day is perhaps the hardest day since losing my mom.   It brings to mind a story.  Shortly after my daughter Olivia was born, making ME a mom, I was having a quiet moment with my new baby, basking in the bonding and all the flood of love I felt for this tiny human - my daughter.  All of a sudden I gasped - the air left my body for a few seconds - when I had a sudden and overwhelming revelation:  THIS IS HOW MUCH MY MOM LOVES ME.  I called my mom immediately to tell her about it, and really reflected on how I was sometimes stingy with my time with her - I was a brand new mom, worked full time, and just seems that I didn’t have any more to give.  But this moment had made me see her role in my life a little more clearly -  how her love was a constant support in my life that I could rely on without thinking about it  - and that all she really wanted was a little time with me, a conversation, a visit.  As I feel so much joy looking at the two incredible humans that call me mom, I feel, even though I can’t hug her today, the love of my mom for me, reflected in my love for my precious, amazing children.
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  • Welcome to What I'm Into

    Welcome to What I'm Into


    Some of you may know that from 2001-2014, I owned and designed a jewelry line called Sway Jewelry.  When I was hired as Creative Director at a local luxury retailer, I took down my website, and only designed jewelry for myself and friends on the side.  I have always dabbled in it during the ensuing years, but this past year, I returned to designing as a creative outlet – it felt like therapy.










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